The Cutest Car Diffusers

Ever since I introduced them to my line-up, these car diffusers have been a hit! Plenty of people are familiar with reed diffusers, but I do still get quite a few people in-person who will ask me what they are and how they work.

My reed diffusers are mini, made to clip-on your car vent, but they operate in the exact same way as full-size reed diffusers. When the oils soak into the wooden reeds, it diffuses into the air through the process of evaporation – which gives the space its fragrance.

These car diffusers are cute, minimal, and will leave your car smelling amazing! They come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to remove the plastic stopper, place the vent clip, and insert your reeds. And best of all – they’re reusable (with refill kits offered through our website) and recyclable (made of glass and wood), unlike the plastic commercial car fresheners that you find in other stores.

Wallflower Candle Co. car diffusers are made with a reed diffuser base and fragrance oils that are both phthalate-free. The base used in our diffusers flows quickly and easily up the reeds allowing for a strong scent throw, and is VOC (volatile organic compounds) compliant in all 50 states.

Have you tried one of our car diffusers yet? They are the BEST!

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