What size candle should you choose?

You’ll find that many candle companies offer a variety of candle sizes – and that’s not just to provide you with several price points. At Wallflower Candle Co., we offer 5 oz., 7 oz., 11.5 oz. and 15 oz. candles… so how do you decide which size to choose?

Of course you can and should purchase any size you want. But the biggest factor in choosing a candle is considering the size of the room you’re going to burn it in. Making sure that your candle is proportional to your room is going to help give you the best performance and scent throw.

So to make it simple, the larger the room, the larger the candle you’ll want to burn in it. A larger candle with more surface area has a wider melt pool, and releases more of a scent to fill your bigger spaces. These larger candles are also great for spaces with open floor plans.

Other things to keep in mind that can influence your candle’s performance:

  • Drafty rooms can negatively affect your candle’s scent throw, and can lead to uneven burning and even soot formation
  • Trimming your wick before each burn allows the scent to disperse more effectively
  • When you’re not using your candle for long periods of time, consider storing it in a cool dark space to better preserve it – direct sunlight can not only cause oxidation and sometimes discolor your candle wax, but it can also degrade some of the fragrance oils and cause the scent to fade faster

Below are some suggestions for the candles that we offer and an explanation of the type of space that they’re best suited for.

5 oz. candles

Our beautiful 5 oz. copper tin candles are the perfect size for most bathrooms and half baths, small laundry rooms, and smaller bedrooms.










8 oz. candles

The 8 oz. amber candles are a great mid-size option for most medium-sized bedrooms, home offices, entryways, and small to medium-sized kitchens.


11.5 oz. candles and 15 oz. candles

Our 11.5 oz candles and 15 oz. candles and are the perfect fit for most living rooms, dining rooms, large kitchens, large bedrooms, and spaces with open floor plans.

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