The perfect pocket-size perfumes

Let’s talk about a product that’s quickly becoming a favorite – our rollerball perfumes! You’ve probably seen them on my social feed, and in a few retail locations too. So, what is there to know?

Perfume ingredients

The base in our rollerball perfumes is made up of 100% pure, natural, refined, fractionated coconut oil that quickly absorbs into the skin and helps replenish and moisturize. This particular oil is also colorless and odorless, which makes it a perfect carrier for fragrance. As if all of this weren’t enough, the oil is also vegan, and free of phthalates, toxins, mutagens, and parabens.

In addition to coconut oil, our perfume contains phthalate-free fragrance oils!

Sleek packaging

Our perfumes come in elegant and elongated 9 mL glass rollerball bottles, with a plastic rollerball for application, and a slim black cap. Perfect for carrying in your pocket, clutch, tote or purse, they’re the perfect small solution to smelling good all day long.

As a bonus, they are travel/TSA friendly! Current TSA guidelines require any liquids packed in your carry on to be 3.4 oz or less.

What customers and retailers are saying about our perfumes

Feedback about our rollerball perfumes has been AMAZING! Several retail locations that carry our perfumes have shared that they are a top seller, and need to be re-stocked frequently.

Customers have been loving them as well, and have shared with us the top reasons why:

“The scent is just strong enough to last all day, but not too strong that it’s overpowering. This is my new favorite perfume!”

“I love the scents that are offered, and the size of the rollerball – I have one in my school bag, and in my purse. I love being able to take these on the go!”

“I applied the perfume to my wrist pulse points once, and can still smell it at the end of the day. It’s SO good!”

“I bought Spellbound, and it seriously smells so good and the scent lasts longer on my skin than the designer perfume I’ve been using.”

Perfume scents we are offering

Right now, our rollerball perfumes are available in the following scents:

Cashmere (amber + cocoa butter + jasmine)

Desert Bloom (cactus flower + vanilla coconut +sparkling citrus)

Wanderlust (sandalwood + leather +amber)

Bloom (jasmine +honeysuckle + violet)

Spellbound (black currant + eucalyptus +anise)

Beach Babe (pink dragonfruit + lychee + hibiscus)

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